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We all know how hard it is to keep our cars clean, we spend an average of 8 to 15 hours a week on the car, it is worth spending this time in clean and healthy conditions. Car upholstery is exposed to various types of dirt such as dust, mud, food stains, fats, sweat, drinks and many more. We perfectly know the condition of our car after travelling on holiday with our children or the effect of travelling with a favourite pet on the back seat.

There are many sources of stains, one of the poorer stains are those oily-liquid stains that are very eager to absorb dust and then oxidize themselves leaving behind a hard shell, such a stain will be removed only with an extraction machine and than only professional service can help you. It is worth remembering that the reaction time is very important the earlier we react, the greater the chance of removing the stain.

Problems are also stains from water-insoluble paints, adhesives, solvents that can discolour the fabric, including fuel, irretrievably. There are many ways to fight dirt.

Entrust cleaning the interior of the car to a professional Lemon Breeze company. The advantage of using the services of professionals is a guarantee of the service, time saved, a guarantee of the use of specialized equipment and chemistry which we usually do not buy in small bottles for home use,
professional work, smile on our face.

Our Car Cleaning Packages

    • Carpets Vacuumed
    • Basic Stain Removal
    • Carpets Steam Cleaned
    • Cleaning Solution
    • Dirt Extraction
    • Seats Vacuumed
    • Basic Stain Removal
    • Car Seats Steam Cleaned
    • Cleaning Solution
    • Dirt Extraction
    • Full Car Vacuumed
    • Basic Stain Removal
    • Car Seats Steam Cleaned
    • Carpet Steam Cleaned
    • Dirt Extraction
    • Door Fabric Steam Cleaned
    • Car Mats Steam Cleaned
    • FREE  sanitizer and deodorizer!

Before & After Car Cleaning – You Have to See to Believe

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