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Professional Leather Cleaning Services in Manchester

At Lemon Breeze, we specialise in leather upholstery. Leather becomes dirty, stained by food, drink, dust and because of that they are not looking good. Furniture can attract as well cigarette smoke, pollen and germs, so don’t wait too long to clean your upholstery.

Proper cleaning restores your upholstery and adds to the life of the fabric. We are using the most advanced equipment and detergents to ensure that your upholstered furniture looks great. The leather interior finish has always been synonymous with luxury. Unfortunately, after a few years of exploitation, leather seats are not often in the best condition.

How to properly use leather upholstery and how to restore its former glory?

Often deciding to buy leather upholstery, we think that it will retain its original appearance, colour and structure for many years. The leather is a very durable material, but only when properly cared for.

For example, the upholstery on the seats has a protective layer. It allows you to protect the skin against moisture, UV rays and makes it resistant to high and low temperatures. An additional layer facilitates cleaning the leather. Unfortunately, over time this layer rubs off. Its lack may lead to permanent discolouration, fast loss of colour, fading, and in areas most intensively exploited to lose structure, abrasions and cracks.

By cleaning, we remove dirt created during this period, and by nurturing, we rebuild the protective layer that has been worn. This layer is an important element of long-term good skin appearance.

Before & After Leather Cleaning – You Have to See to Believe

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