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At Lemon Breeze, we specialise in fabric upholstery. The fabric becomes dirty, stained by food, drink, dust and because of that, they are not looking good. Furniture can attract as well cigarette smoke, pollen and germs, so don’t wait too long to clean your upholstery.

Proper cleaning restores your upholstery and adds to the life of the fabric. We are using the most advanced equipment and detergents to ensure that your upholstered furniture looks great. We will achieve the best possible cleaning effect of furniture upholstery!

  • Do you want to effectively clean your furniture, refresh it and get rid of the unpleasant smell?
  • Do you want to remove mites and bacteria from them using safe and dedicated means and tools?
  • Do you care about your furniture being taken care of by a real professional who will not destroy the material, and will effectively prevent it from getting dirty quickly?

If you have answered YES to all the questions, please use our offer!

Do you have to clean one armchair at home? Or maybe several hundred chairs in the company?

We are prepared for any eventuality!

Bearing in mind the quality of today’s materials, the risk is to take on the self-cleaning of furniture, in addition without having an extraction device. When applying any measure to the furniture (eg upholstery foam), rub only dirt into the inside. As a result, on the sofa, apart from impurities, there is also the detergent used. When you rent washing machines, often do not have the proper knowledge and resources needed to effectively clean the furniture. This results in material destruction. Is it worth risking when a professional cleaning service can help you? Get rid of dirt and bacteria effectively and arrange for cleaning with Lemon Breeze.

Cleaning process:

1. Inspection
2. Vacuuming
3. Pre-spraying
4. Upholstery agitation
5. Hot water extraction / professional steam cleaning
6. Upholstery drying
7. Sanitize and deodoriser apply

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